Transformers Devastator ROTF custom, made out of Hot Wheels, Matchbox (and every other brand I had around)

this one has been my on going process since I started it after the movie in 2009
 it must have  over 20 different die cast cars and parts some of them were matchbox, hot wheels siku, majorettes, and other non diecast like legos, popsicles sticks, KO transformers pieces. Every time I look at It there's an urge inside of me  to do something new to it, its simply too much fun to throw parts at it, lol
it will be part of a diorama I am working on, with lights and movement,here are the latest pictures I took of it

this is part of the diorama project Im working on for it
and here are the pics of the progress and the previous versions of it  (it has changed a lot since 2009)
this is it the first time I said " it is ready, lol"

this was 6 years ago, still the same face parts and simple legs
new leg parts, front chest wheels, still with same leg disposition and left leg with same foot treads

the cnstruction progress, untill now it still need several parts to make it look more screen accurate, hopefully Ill finnish it in a year or 2


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