Transformers Custom Hot Wheels Plymouth AAR Cuda (autographed by Phil Riehlmann)

this one is special cause it was my first attempt to create articulations using little necklace balls to give it a wider range of movement in the shoulders and hips, the design had its flaws and the movements were restricted by the way I carved the sockets on the acrilyc pieces, however It still had more movement than any other I had done before.2 of these were made, one of them is in possession of a very talented Venezuelan designer and friend Richard Gonzalez.
The head is the rear transmission part from the Dairy Delivery. It was Autographed in the 2010 Brazil Convention by Phil Riehlmann

the momet Im giving it to Phil Riehlmann to have it signed For those who donk know he designed some of the most famous Hot Wheels cars, like the Blown Delivery or the VW Drag Bus, and some not so known as the AAR Cuda

He was kind of confused when I gave it to him, at first he wasn't sure what he was signing :D

My friend Richard Gonzalez.


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