Transformers Custom Hot Wheels ED Dairy Delivery (limited edition to 500 only produced )

 I feel very proud of having this one and the final result is still one of the bests achieved so far

My friend over HWC  65pony offered me to work on a really limited and desirable piece, I knew it would raise some interesting reactions over the bulletin boards (and how often you get offered to cut one of a 500 pieces produced cars?)
after almost 8 weeks (the package was sent with a wrong address and returned, then sent back) I got this baby to work on


Thanks to you my friend for the opportunity to do this


  1. Guillermo, good morning all right guy was strolling through your site and marvel at the work you do with the minis ..... I also have a blog and would love the your permission to post some pictures of you on my blog.
    Congratulations for the work and await their response
    Sorry if the translation was not good .... answer me by email thank you.


    1. Sure my friend, glad you like them, feel free to post the pics on your blog and make sure to check mine as well cause Ill be posting some good stuff soon (as the 2 Die cast convention in Brasil)


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